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Singletary Green Shirt photo


Mike Singletary is perhaps most recognized as the Chicago Bears' Middle Linebacker with the ferocious eyes peering across the line into the opposing quarterback's face. He participated in Super Bowl XX where the Bears defeated the New England Patriots and made 10 trips to the Pro Bowl in his 12 years of professional football. He also led the NFL as Defensive Player of the year three times and was Bears' team captain for 10 years. Singletary was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998

Since his retirement from professional football, Singletary has been a regular on the Fortune 500 company lecture circuit. He had a gift for bringing different facets of the Bears organization together during his tenure as team captain; that same passion now applied in strengthening others through his motivational and leadership teaching.

Speaking of teamwork, Singletary is currently the head coach of the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football. Singletary and the Express debuted in February 2019 when the AAF officially kicked off its inaugural season.

Amidst success in many facets, Singletary’s real significance comes from his faith in Jesus Christ. Singletary’s lasting legacy transcends the gridiron and microphone, as he strives to share his hope in Christ with others through his influence.

Charles Billingsley


Charles Billingsley is a nationally-known recording artist, worship leader, teacher, author and pastor. He recently released, "It's Christmas Time Again." His most recent albums include, "Right Here," "20," and "Only Jesus." His hope is always to encourage the listeners to take their focus off the situations around them, and to focus their heart’s attention on worshiping the only one worthy of praise, only Jesus. 

Billingsley also has his own nationally syndicated radio series, “Words on Worship,” which is broadcast weekdays on more than 300 stations, as well as online. Through these 60-second spots, Charles conveys the central message of his heart, “to assist other believers in discovering a lifestyle of worship.” He explains, “I think every decision you make, every sin you commit, everything ultimately is a worship issue, as a believer. Everybody worships something or someone, every moment of every day. So, who or what you’re worshiping will determine the choices you make—financially, physically, everything.”

When he's not on the road, Charles and his family - wife Shae and teen sons, Caleb and Cooper - call San Diego home, and it's his days offstage that ultimately inspire him the most. "Being a father is a lot like being a teacher," Charles relates. "There's a lot of pressure and accountability to be the man I'm supposed to be, for my kids to see the same guy at home as they see onstage at church. I want them to witness me reading Scripture; I want them to have conversations with me about the Lord on a regular basis so they know this is not just a job to me, but a lifestyle."