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Group Registration

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What is Group Registration? 
This is reserved for groups of 50 people or more.

How does it work?
Once you complete the Group Registration Form, you'll receive a unique Promo Code within a day or two. This can be passed along to members of your group and allow them to order the number of tickets they need (up to 10 per member) using this Promo Code.

Can we sit together?
Yes! We will reserve a special section in the Coliseum for the members of your group that have registered. Please arrive at your earliest convenience as all reserved seats will be released by 6:45 PM to allow maximum seating for all.

Doors open at 6:00 PM.

How will we know where to sit?
As it gets closer to Night of Hope, all registered members of your group will receive an email with the Section # so they know where to meet once they arrive at the Coliseum.

If you have questions regarding the Group Registration process, please email Amy Kissell or call the FCA office at (260) 672-8482.